Sina Bathaie + Jacques Mindreau

Sina Bathaie

Sina Bathaie | Santur, Composer
Nima Ahmadieh | Guitar
Cheryl Ockrant | Cello
Siavash Sadr Mahdavi | Percussion
Oriana Barbato | Bass Guitar
Alaleh Rezaeivafa | Production Manager

Sina Bathaie is a composer and Santur player based in Toronto who is known around the world for his unique style and approach toward Persian contemporary music. Born in Iran, Sina learned how to play the Santur at age 7 from his faster, Master Javad Bathaie. He continued to follow his passion in music by practicing Persian classical repertoire, Radif, with the Oud, and explored the concept of rhythm by learning Tonbak.

Sina entered the world music scene soon after moving to Canada and has received recognition by being featured at events and festivals such as the Luminato Festival, Aga Khan Museum, In/Future – a Festival of Art & Music, Small World Music, Mundial Montreal, Sunshine Festival, Quiet Strings and South Asia Calling. He has also been featured on CP24 and CBC Radio Metro Morning. Sina developed his own style of music through years of experimental collaboration and attending artist residencies, including sessions at the Banff Centre for Performing Art. Through his work, Sina has achieved a unique sound in world fusion music which has received many positive reviews.

Sina’s latest album Ray of Hope was released on Windcatcher Records in October 2017 with his World fusion ensemble. Ray of Hope was nominated for Independent Music Awards’ 2018 Best World Beat Album of the Year. His first album Sound of Silence was recorded and produced in Montreal in 2012 and has been acclaimed by music critics. Sina has also been active in the movie industry and composed original music for the movies such as The Horse Latitudes and Un royaume déménage (Once Upon a Kingdom).

Prismatic is delighted to bring Sina and his ensemble back to play from his newest album Ray of Hope. The sound will blend Persian melodies featuring Sina on the Santur along with western instrumentation, including guitars, cello, and percussion.

Since moving to Canada, classically trained Iranian musician and composer, Sina Bathaie has made a name for himself nationally for his unique sound in world fusion music that blends Persian and Western melodies and instruments. Sinan and his band play from his newest album, Ray of Hope.

Jacques Mindreau

Jacques Mindreau | Violin & Vocals

Jacques Mindreau is a violinist, vocalist and composer; he creates music for film, dance, and now theatre. He also has his own solo project that he recently launched dubbed ‘Electro Jacques Therapy’ which layers loops and vocals in an ethereal haunting manner.

Jacques has collaborated with hundreds of musicians around the globe and Canada and is co-founder of the bands Krasnogorsk and OQO. Jacques studied the violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and has always had a fascination for composition, performance and improvisation. Having come from a film background (York University BFA Honours in Film) his music has always had a direct correlation to imagery, motion, metaphor and action. His diverse influences from the classical giants to Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Max Richter and traditional folk music and contemporary pop can be heard in his sound.

As well as playing the violin for more than 25 years, Jacques Mindreau sings in an operatic voice that is enriched with a language of the imagination. Jacques is currently working with “2b Theatre Co.” and will be performing 40 runs of the play “One Discordant Violin” off Broadway this fall in New York City. The play is an adaptation by Anthony Black of a short story by Yann Martel (life of Pi). The play and it’s original music have been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception and Jacques was recently nominated for a Merrit Award for “best original score”. Jacques currently resides in Nova Scotia where he finds most of his inspiration.