Hélène Lefebvre: Open Water

SAW Video and Knot Project Space’s public projections program Knot Projections 2019: Imagining Publics begins close to home, sending a beam of projected light from inside the Arts Court to land across the street on the brick wall of the Les Suites parking garage. The result produces a large-scale video image over the gridded exterior of our neighbouring building, visible from the entrances to the Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court at 2 Daly Avenue. Appearing just below an array of windows that open up onto the hotel’s rooftop swimming pool and gymnasium, passersby encounter Hélène Lefebvre carrying out a daring and demanding act of endurance in her performance video, Open Water.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Hélène Lefebvre’s practice is an inquiry into identity and alterity, all the while weaving links between visual art, culture, and society. The body in movement and sensorial active listening (epicentre of performance action) are a sustained interest of hers since Les Moissons in 2009. Recently, her work has taken the form of performance, installation and video. Her practice in corporeality takes inspiration from studies in visual art, contemporary dance, and authentic movement—a form in which improvisation is central.

Presented as part of Knot Projections 2019: Imagining Publics, a special project by SAW Video Media Art Centre, with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Hélène Lefebvre’s work was also supported through funding from the City of Ottawa.

About Knot Projections 2019: Imagining Publics

Knot Projections 2019: Imagining Publics is an extended public projection series, presented by SAW Video Media Art Centre and Knot Project Space, taking place at multiple sites throughout Ottawa from July to October 2019. The series represents the culmination of SAW Video’s yearlong Knot Projections commissioning program. Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the program was designed to build capacity for local media artists in Ottawa to create moving image works intended for large-scale projection in public spaces.

Five outdoor projections by the program’s five commissioned local artists – Hélène Lefebvre, Ryan Conrad, Pansee Atta, Maayke Schurer and Sasha Phipps – will take place July-October 2019.

Read more about the series and Hélène Lefebvre’s Open Water at: https://www.sawvideo.com/knot/projections/knot-projections-2019