Ensemble Kamaan + Digging Roots

Ensemble Kamaan

Amir Amiri | Santur, Composer, Cultural Inventor
Behnza Sohrabi | Tar (long-neck Persian lute) Rabab &
Daf (Iranian percussion instrument)
Showan Tavakol | Kamancheh, Composer
Olivier Marin | Viola, Soloist & Chamber Musician, Composer

Ensemble Kamaan offers a world of epic journeys – free from borders – with pieces that broaden the fields of musical traditions. Four musicians create a unique fusion that combines the refinement of traditional Persian classical music with the rigor of folk melodies in a contemporary and creative approach.

In the eclectic musical universe of the Kamaan Ensemble, boundaries are abolished and give way to a bewitching alchemy between the santour of Amir Amiri, the kamanche of Showan Tavakol, Behnaz Sohrabi’s rabab and voice, and Olivier Marin’s viola. The energy of the Ensemble members blend together to evoke ancient and nostalgic tales with universal resonances.

Inspiration and sounds are pulled from Persian, Azerbaijan, Kurdish, Baluchi, Khorasani and Turkaman influence. Kamaan’s objective is to link the written repertoire of Dastgahi music with the oral repertoire of the different regions in a contemporary musical perspective while exploring bridges with Western, Baroque and Medieval music.

Set off on a road of tales and legends from Persia to Canada. Come to Prismatic 2019 to witness a musical discovery at the crossroads of civilizations – it is not to be missed!

Digging Roots

ShoShona Kish | Lead Vocal
Raven Kanatakta | Lead Vocal, Guitars
André Blais & Jane Aurora | Base, Supporting Vocal
Skye Polson | Drums, Percussion
Mike Celia | Guitar, Supporting Vocal
Miss Quincy | Guitar, Supporting Vocal

Digging Roots was founded around the creative husband-wife song writing team of Raven and ShoShona. They challenge one another to create music that is process driven and explorative, both aesthetically and thematically. Influenced by their traditional Anishinabek and Onkwehonwe music, they also infuse world music and a wealth of popular forms including roots, blues, jazz, folk, reggae, hip-hop and rock. Their music remains the focus of their artistic expression, growth and development, and is a means of exploring their identity as Indigenous creators and contemporary artists. They connect to a unique world view that is rooted culturally, socially and politically in their Indigenous communities.

Over ten years they’ve been utilizing the traditional North American Anishinabek compositional approach of music creation called ‘Song Lines’ whereby melodies and rhythms are created by tracing the rise and fall of horizons within a landscape. This is a musical way of reconnecting with the earth and the hidden melodies and rhythms that are contained on her.

By utilizing and integrating traditional approaches to music composition Digging Roots have also combined western and eastern approaches to their compositions. Reflective of a contemporary Indigenous identity their music is equally expressive of a global human experience as they connect with audiences on this musical and humanistic basis.

Their latest JUNO nominated album ‘For The Light’ brings more global-blues infused songs and audience ‘round dances’ to their national and international tours. Digging Roots is a musical group that balances femininity and masculinity with Indigenous tradition and modern aesthetics. Their goal, including their performance at Prismatic, is to engage wider audiences with their Anishinabek music and cultural ideals.