Series Dance 10: Lesandra Dodson + Crazy Smooth + Floorplay

Series Dance 10 #31
Double bill + Floorplay

Lesandra Dodson

In Two Days A Man Can Change Version 2
Choreography: Lesandra Dodson
Composer: Christine Fellows
Performers: Ric Brown, Darryl Tracy

“Within a world of bleakness, the one who wins will choose the light.” –Elmore Leonard

Crazy Smooth

In my body
Choreography: Yvon Soglo / Crazy Smooth
Performers: Yvon Soglo (Crazy Smooth), Marie-Pier Lopes (Zepol Rock), Julie Benoit (Julie Rock), Emmanuel Septier (Bourrik), Arnaldo Betancourt Silva (Effect)

In My Body is a conversation about aging and being a dancer. It takes on the subject from all angles – spiritual, mental and physical.


Local, emerging, dance bites.

Choreography & Dancer: Geoffrey Dollar