Robin Poitras: End of Winter


Robin Poitras’ two-part program of dance works demonstrates why The Globe and Mail has called her “one of Canada’s greatest dancers.” Her new creation with long-time collaborator and visual artist Edward Poitras explores the dramatic transformation of the earth’s ice. Arising from the process called “calving,” in which large chunks of ice break off from glaciers due to continuous melting, END OF WINTER is a visceral account of the ravages of climate change.

The Dresswriter is an ode to Poitras’ mother and her advancing Alzheimer’s. This duet is marked by the rhythms of a score composed by Rober Racine and Charlie Fox and played on an Underwood typewriter. Poitras’ father, architect Clifford Wiens, inspired The Dresswriter with stories from his book Rewind & Fast Forward and created the original set pieces for the dance.

Robin Poitras is one of Saskatchewan’s most prolific dance and performance creators. Last year she received Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Presented by the NAC’s Canada Scene in association with the Canada Dance Festival.