Laugh! with Leacock


Canada’s king of gentle humour, Stephen Leacock (1869–1944), was for a time the best-known English-speaking humourist in the world. Three of Ottawa’s funniest storytellers, Gail Anglin, Tom Lips, and Mary Wiggin, present a show guaranteed to bring smiles with retellings of some Leacock classics and lesser-known gems.

Whether our hero is braving the terrors of banking, going under the barber’s blade, experiencing star-crossed romance in a little Ontario town, or communing with the Beyond, Leacock has a gift for zeroing in on the all-too-human foibles, fears and follies that beset us all.

Adding to the hilarity will be a Selection of Suitable Songs featuring the popular Lips-Anglin duo with accompanist Anne Hurley.

Presented by Ottawa Storytellers