Forstner & Fillister Present: Forstner & Fillister In: Forstner & Fillister

Photo: Barbara Havrot


Forstner and Fillister are brothers. And woodworkers. Through demonstrations and hands-on participation, they will teach you how to build a dining room table in one hour or less … if they can agree how to proceed.

What follows is a journey full of power tools, sawdust and sibling rivalry. Who is a better woodworker? Who knows the best way to build a table? And who is the better son?


“Forstner and Fillister build laughs as well as furniture.” “… a joy to watch.” – Apt613

“… Forstner & Fillister is a show that will certainly have anyone laughing by the end of it.” – On Stage Ottawa


WEDNESDAY, February 7 at 9:30pm
SATURDAY, February 10 at 7:00pm
THURSDAY, February 15 at 9:00pm
SATURDAY, February 17 at 3:00pm