BNFF 2018: Eternal Summer (Sweden)

Original Title: Odödliga
Director: Andreas Olman
2015, 106 minutes
Swedish with English subtitles

Em and Isak meet while fleeing the scene of a botched one-night stand, their presence a by-product of an unhappy couple’s infidelity. Isak lends Em his coat as they walk the streets of Stockholm, she mentions she’ll never return it, and the rest is history. When you find someone who finally gets you, there’s no looking back. The two embark on a spontaneous road trip in Em’s father’s vintage Saab convertible, with the vague plan of stealing a cello for her sister, who is guiding them through northern Sweden.

Between rest stops, packs of cigarettes, and evening swims, they begin to open up. Isak admits to his rather monotonous life, living with his dad who’s more a drinking buddy than a father, manning the game booth at a carnival, and not being able to make a relationship last more than one night. Em, less eager to reveal all and harbouring a strong sense of displacement among her successful family and friends, is running from the ghost of a dark childhood memory. Eventually they fall into love and out of money, and what begins as an impromptu adventure escalates into something far more sinister.

Bright Lights: Baltic-Nordic Film Festival

This March the CFI, in collaboration with the Baltic-Nordic embassies, presents the 8th iteration of Bright Nights: The Baltic-Nordic Film Festival. These eight contemporary films ⎯ never before seen in Ottawa ⎯ highlight the unique perspective one can only see by standing at the top of the world. The Bright Nights festival presents a collection of films that juxtapose the bleak, the dark, and the edgy with the hilarious, the eclectic, the personal, and always the intriguing. These incredible stories form a festival unlike any other, and an opportunity that comes only once a year.