BNFF 2018: Staying Alive (Norway)

Original Title: Staying Alive
Director: Charlotte Blom
2015, 83 minutes
Norwegian with English subtitles

Marianne and Håkon have been together for fifteen years and their rather ‘cozy’ life has been filled with happy moments with their two children Emma and Jens, but also with the problems and trivialities of everyday life. Things are pretty typical until Marianne unexpectedly finds out that Håkon has been having an affair with Frida, his young colleague who makes waffles at work every Friday. With her eccentric sagacity and wacky hilarity, her best friend Kristin supports Marianne as she enters a new life in which she discovers that coziness is overrated, embracing spontaneity and having …

Bright Lights: Baltic-Nordic Film Festival

This March the CFI, in collaboration with the Baltic-Nordic embassies, presents the 8th iteration of Bright Nights: The Baltic-Nordic Film Festival. These eight contemporary films ⎯ never before seen in Ottawa ⎯ highlight the unique perspective one can only see by standing at the top of the world. The Bright Nights festival presents a collection of films that juxtapose the bleak, the dark, and the edgy with the hilarious, the eclectic, the personal, and always the intriguing. These incredible stories form a festival unlike any other, and an opportunity that comes only once a year.