BNFF 2018: Miami (Finland)

Original Title: Miami
Director: Zaida Bergroth
2017, 119 minutes
Finnish with English subtitles

Raised by her cautious single father, Anna approaches life with fear and uncertainty, and his recent death exacerbates her anxieties. Estranged sister Angela is Anna’s exact opposite: an exotic dancer who travels from one seedy dump to the next, making money on the side by blackmailing her more vigorous patrons. When they reconnect, Angela is arguing with the rest of her troupe and is forced to ask her sister for help. And as the two will soon discover, risk-averse Anna may have even worse instincts than her sister.

Bright Lights: Baltic-Nordic Film Festival

This March the CFI, in collaboration with the Baltic-Nordic embassies, presents the 8th iteration of Bright Nights: The Baltic-Nordic Film Festival. These eight contemporary films ⎯ never before seen in Ottawa ⎯ highlight the unique perspective one can only see by standing at the top of the world. The Bright Nights festival presents a collection of films that juxtapose the bleak, the dark, and the edgy with the hilarious, the eclectic, the personal, and always the intriguing. These incredible stories form a festival unlike any other, and an opportunity that comes only once a year.